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Various Artists

Babie Leto EP


Catalogue No.: xrcst006

release date: 11/11/2014

Formats: digital, limited 12” vinyl


Babie Leto means "Indian Summer" in Slovak and is a showcase of XRCST artists in deep, mellow Autumn-ish colours of deep house and disco grooves. From oldskool nu disco groove in Aleks Svaensson's Babie Leto, through S22's Parallels deep house, to slightly psychedelic deep house Icey Castle by Good Mood back to Aleks Svaensson, this time remixed by Spoiledchild Rex, a spinoff of legendary Ear Drum Kru member - Base.




01. Aleks Svaensson - Babie Leto

02. S22 – Parallels

03. Good Mood - Icey Castle

04. Aleks Svaensson - Mitternachtblau (Spoiledchild Rex Mix)



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