deep grooves

from the city where nothing ever happened


Tidal Friction


Catalogue No.: xrcst007

Release date: 02/02/2015

Formats: digital, limited 12” vinyl


New addition to xrcst "black" series brings debute single of Slovak/Polish duo Robodis. Robo (Robert Mash Tomcik) from Slovakia and Adisquo (Adrian Kondratowicz) from Poland met in Dublin and  describe their collaboration as "sensual and cybernetic sounds interwoven with raw geometric architecture". Their Tidal Friction is dark futuristic techno track aimed for the club and the remixes by Deepologic, Tex Bates and The Science Fiction Club explore the crowded future city streets even deeper.



01. Robodis - Tidal Friction (Original Mix)

01. Robodis - Tidal Friction (Deepologic Dub Mix)

01. Robodis - Tidal Friction (The Science Fiction Club B-Side Mix)

01. Robodis - Tidal Friction (Tex Bates Mix)



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